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About me personally, you're in the right place.

I was born in Wyoming, raised in Alaska, educated in Idaho, and have lived in the Portland, Oregon area since 1978. I grew up attending the Presbyterian Church but made a committment to Jesus in 1980. Since then, I've been a worship musician and worship leader, singles group and men's group junkie, song writer (probably none you've heard), and played in a few local Christian rock bands (probably none you've heard). I have gathered some of my past musical work and posted it under the Music button above.

Besides Jesus, most of my life has been surrounded by high-tech electronics. I've been an Electronic Engineer since 1985 after being a technician for 12 years. I started professionally when I was 15. In 1972 I was building radios and test equipment with circuit boards that I etched myself. I built my first radio, a crystal set, in 1966. I got started in electronics in 1962 when I was four by cutting the cord on my record player. That started a running fascination with those little blue guys who were dancing across those school scissors with which I hacked through the cord.

I'm still fascinated...

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