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10 MAR 07
Fixed a dead link on the Christian page.

6 JAN 05
Well, the Hammond Organ is history. Thanks for playing!
I've updated Electronic Hedges a bit.
I'm building a new webserver and retiring my old NT4 webserver which was an original IBM XT frame in an original IBM PC cover complete with the original IBM PC nameplate. However, it contained a 333MHz AMD K6 in a Gigabit motherboard so it was a real sleeper!

21 NOV 04
I've updated the Christian page significantly.

4 JUL 04
I finally got my recording console connected to my computer so I can rip tapes. The result: there are two cassettes worth of music from two former bands on my site now. Granted, the stuff is pretty dated, but I ain't letting it sit unheard any longer. Maybe it will bless someone!! Who knows. Click the "MUSIC" button above and find out if you like it.

16 FEB 04
Just cooking up content for the personal side. The tough part, of course, is deciding what personal information is useful, which is TMI (too much information), and where is the realm of over-exposure. Off I go...

15 FEB 04
Moved the Hammond organ off of root to it's own subfolder.

11 OCT 03
After 30 years of being a "permanent employee" in the electronics industry (like there is such a thing), I'm off into consulting engineering. I've been planning and preparing for this for about five years. In 1999 I received my PE (Electrical) in Oregon against 7:1 odds as a "non-degreed engineer" (yes, I'm one of "them"). I've been building my business infrastructure, polling other consultant friends for advice, and waiting for the right time to hang up a shingle. Well, that was on October 1, 2003 when my business license came active. I still have loose ends to tie up but I'm on the road.

In the beginning...
I've been "randoid" for about 10 years with a few ISPs. BTW, a "randoid" is not a "randroid" with two r's which refers to a devotee of Ayn Rand, or so I have been told. I've never read her stuff. But a quick Google search of [randoid Ayn] shows 21 entries versus 303 for [randroid Ayn] so I'm staking my claim on randoid! So, for the record, a "randoid" is an electronics nerd with the first name of Randy, Randall, Randolph, whatever. I registered randoid.com, .net and .org in mid-1997.

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