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Return To The Rock
Jason Cooper

Music and lyrics by Jason Cooper (c) 1992 except
Rest - Grandma Ruth Vivian Garrett-Sperry, lyrics (c) 1924.
Coffee Drinkin' Blues - Kevin Goodrich, music, (c) 1992.

Produced by Randall Elliott.
Arranged by Jason Cooper and Randall Elliott except
* Arranged by Jason Cooper.
Recorded at Upper Room Studio, Beaverton, Oregon between
January 1988 and December 1991.
Engineered by Randall Elliott except
Windblown Streets co-engineered with Roger Southwick.

Jason Cooper - Vocals, acoustic and electric rhythm guitars,
Randall Elliott - Lead and slide guitars, acoustic and
electric rhythm guitars, bass, drums.
Kevin Goodrich - Rhythm Guitar on Coffee Drinkin' Blues.
The Stale Coffee Choir (James Lewis, John Redard, Thomas
Tate and Kevin Goodrich) for "BREW, BREW, HE WANTS
HIS BREW, YOW!" (The check's in the mail, dudes)

Notes from Jason:
This is dedicated to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
In memory of Dr. John G. Mitchell. Special thanks
to Randy, Kurt & family, Kevin, and Jeff Feather for the
use of his left-handed Strat (we lefties have to stick

Notes from Randy:
Thanks to Jesus Christ for more blessings than I can count!
Terry Gowing for drums, my Dad and Mom for the bass, Chris
Glanister and wife Jan (my sister) gave me technical ideas
and advice, my family at Christian Community Church, Dan &
Georgene, Paul & Beth, Mike & Gayle, Roger Southwick, and
many other bros and sisses in Christ (you know who you are!)
whose kinship has made my life more bearable! And to Jason:
amidst the technical problems, learning curves and four long
years, this has been a fun experiment. Maybe again someday...

Windblown Streets
The Traveller
His Love Comes Thru
Face The Sun
Wake Up & Smell The Coffee
City In Distress
On The Road
Coffee Drinkin' Blues

Windblown Streets - 3:06

I take a walk and I feel alone.
There's a world outside my home.
I see the pushers doing their dealing.
I seen kids sell their soul for a feeling.

Windblown streets. Windblown streets.
Can you hear their voices on the Windblown streets?

I seen the hungry and I seen the poor.
I heard the sound of your slamming door.
People pushing people shoving.
Few find real loving on the Windblown streets

Windblown streets. Windblown streets.
Can you see their faces on the Windblown streets?

I hear the ladies of the night cry.
I seen the poor destitute die.
I've opened my ears and I've opened my eyes.
It's time to show them the love of Christ.

The Traveller - 4:04

The shops are closed. The night has come.
The chill air leaves my soul rather numb.
Lonely I walk thru the narrow streets of time.
But with a glimmer of hope, His lamplight always shines.

Ah, some say I'm just a wanderer.
But I say no, I'm a traveller.

Sadly I look back on that horrible time of pain.
now they're only faded memories washed by winter's rain.
But fond memories I have of friends I hold so dear
and no matter the distance now they feel so near.


His Love Comes Thru - 3:42

In a time of dryness, in a time of falling rain.
In a time of darkness, in a time of pain.
I say to you, child, His love comes thru.
No matter the problem, His love comes thru.

Oh, His love comes thru.
Oh, His love comes thru.

In a time of falling tears, in a time of overwelming fears,
In a time when words aren't clear, in a time when friends aren't near,
I say to you, child, His love comes thru.
No matter the problems, His love comes thru.

Pride - 5:24

Can I run, but can I hide
from all the hurt that's left inside.
Try to ignore the pain
but can I face the strain.

I, I can't do it myself, but still, still I try.
I, I can't do it myself, but I won't give up my pride.

I tell myself that I don't care
but deep inside, I'm really scared.
I tell them "Hey, I'll be OK"
but I can't even find my way.


Well move over, Rover, and let Jesus take over.

I'm not happy but I don't say I cry.
I know God sees but still I want to live my lies.
I believe in Jesus he's the "Lord of my Life"
but I still try to carry my strife.


Sometimes I say He's "The Captain of My Soul."
Other times the truth is I want control.

Face the Son - 2:43

Can you call me the Lord of your life
then the next moment go your own way?
If you'd only come to me
I'd wash all your sins away

Face the son, face the son.
Open the door, you've just begun.
Face the son, face the son.
Open the door, you've just begun.

You honor me with your lips
but your hearts are far from me.
There are souls dying around you
but your eyes pretend not to see.
Children are looking for love in the streets
selling thier souls in strangers back seats.


Unborn babys voices silenced
before they've had a chance to awake.
You talk about this you talk about that
but will you save them for My names sake.
Boys and girls are out of control
TV's raised them now it's taken their souls.


Face the son!

Wake Up and Smell The Coffee - 2:32

(I pretty much remember the words anyway...)
I know you've read the paper,
I know you've heard the news.
TV Preacher caught in adultery,
but it could have been you.

So wake up and smell the coffee.

I been to your billion dollar church
hoping to hear some good news.
But all i hear is about positive thinking.
I fall asleep on the pews.

You think this song's not about you
but you know, that's not true.
You may point the finger at others
but there's a bigger one pointing back at you.


City In Distress - 6:34

Times are getting crazy.
Things have gotten out of hand.
Got to be careful where you walk,
careful where you stand.
Take a walk down the street,
careful of who you meet.
Are the friend or are they foe,
are they even someone you know.

The city is in distress. Theres no place it's at rest.
The city is in distress. Don't you know it's such a mess.

A panhandler comes up to you,
is he really hungry or is it just for booze.
See the homeless laying in drains,
stuck in the cold and the rain.
Kids walk by with crack in their veins,
numbing their souls and frying their brains.
Boys buying handguns and joining gangs,
killing each other like it was a game.


Looking down from your window,
see the busy street down below.
Everything looks good from up in the sky,
but theres more than meets the eye.
At night you drive to the suburbs,
but deep inside do you feel disturbed?
Will you deal with what you've seen,
or will you traet it like it was a dream?


Rest - 2:52

How often in my daily life
'midst sorrow, cares and worldly strife.
It's toilsome work that I detest.
I've longed for peace and perfect rest.

The kind of peace that comes to those,
who let Christ be pilot for their souls.
Peace for which the whole world cries.
Peace for which man fights and dies.

I sought for it in my home life
but found there's only quarrels and strife.
I sought for it in work and care
but failed to even find it there.
I sought for it natures nooks
field and river and murmuring brooks.
Though many paths that man has trod
But peace only found in God.


And with that peace comes perfect rest.
The strength to stand most any test.
Until our last hour has come,
and we are called to Heaven and home,
yeah, Heaven and home, yeah, Heaven and home.

On The Road - 3:16

From the window of a Greyhound bus,
I see the cold, empty miles blowing in the dust.
I sure do miss my family, I sure do miss my friends,
as I try to pass away the hours that never seem to end.

Well, I'm out here on the road again,
feeling kind of sick within.
Oh, I'm out here on the raod again.

I look at your photographs sitting there,
Remembering all the laughs we shared.
At every stop there always seems to be a delay.
Oh, how I long for you and I can't wait another day.


I just can't wait to get back home.

Coffee Drinkin' Blues - 5:15

I woke up monday morning feeling tired and blue.
I decided to go to the cofee shop for a pot o' brew.

I want my coffee and I want it now.
I want my coffee, I don't care how.
Brew, brew, he wants his brew.
Brew, brew, he wants his brew.
Brew, brew, he wants his brew.
Brew, brew, he wants his brew. Yow!

I opened the door. I could barely crawl.
I saw that pot o' coffee there
so I gave the waitress a call, I said,


The waitress came to my table.
She said "Honey, what'll ya have?"
I said I want real coffee, not no stupid decaf!


As I waited for my coffee, I began to shake,
My hands began to tremble, yeah they began to quake.


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