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Lost In America

Thief In The Night (1)
Lost In America (1)
Come Back (2)
Perfect Harmony (4)
He's Risen (1)
Changes Made (3)
All I Need (1)
Alpha & Omega (3)
Video of Omega from The Elevator in 1985

Diane Castillo - Vocals
Rick LaTour - Keyboards and Slide Guitar, vocals (1).
Barney Wilcox - Bass and 12-string Guitars, cowbell (2).
Randall Elliott - Lead and Rhythm Guitars, vocals (3).
Jonathan Wesner - Drums

(c) 1986 by the respective authors as noted except
Perfect Harmony (4) by Kenny Wilcutt.

Produced & engineered by David Klepinger - Manna Music Productions.

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